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New website born 26 February 2009


 Latest goings on ..

The long awaited corn harvest day arrived.

The binder had to stay in the field for a full week until we got a dry spell to bind the corn.

The wind and rain was starting to fell the crop so we all knew this was the last chance to cut as there was heavy rain and wind forecast the next day.

The te50 is pulling Eugene Gibneys McCormick binder . 

This was originally a horse drawn machine and it would suprise you at just how fast a ground speed you can go with this, the tractor was usually in third gear and around 12/1300 rpm.




Paddy Cassidy from ballynahinch brought his Massey Harris binder which had a wider cut.

This is also a converted horse drawn machine and the two binders worked in tandem till dark.

We had lots of help on hand to stook the crop and drive the tractors (Just as well as we were there till dark).

A big thanks to all that helped out and there was a group picture in the mourne observer paper the following week.






 The 41 ford ferguson (belonging to mervin and lesley tate) which had previously helped plough the field pulled paddys massey binder.

This tractor runs very well and the smell of the tvo exhaust fumes brought back the years for some of the crowd.

No red tractors were used on this project so far so the greys have all the work to do...





 Again Many thanks to Michael McKibben who came and used his considerable knowledge in working the binder and helping with the odd breakdown or two.

As this crop was grown without spraying it had the grassy bottom that it would have had years ago but as the nite went on and darkness fell the grass got damp and caused the odd blockage.

Michael clears one here on the mc cormick and te50 combination.





 The two acre corn crop with a couple of rounds done with the binder .

 It was a heavy crop standing well over three foot tall in places.







The ploughing for our corn project proceeds with my dad (SAM) on the te 50 with the heavier mf l base 3 furrow plough .

This tractor was capable of doing the plough up hill rounds that the Ted and ford ferguson struggled with even the 3 furrows.


  Three of the tractors in this snap all going in tandem (no reds here)  te 50 , ted 20 and ford ferguson up front.


  This is what the 3 furrow l base was making of the job , it can turn a nice furrow in grass .



   Spreading fertiliser with the ferguson spinner / broadcaster for a neighbour .

   The tef transmission case that need a section removed to allow the support leg of the 135 difflock to slot into.

  The difflock axle with the stronger halfshafts should be a useful addition to the te50 tractor.




   The unit fitted together and now ready for blanking off and shotblasting.






  The blasted and primed later style te 20 axle , with 135 diff and difflock ,ready for fitting when time permits.




   The two speed overdrive sherman gearbox i imported from the states is ready for fitting to the te 50 tractor,

  This will (i hope) give a wide range of overdrive ratios in every gear including a two speed pto.

  The top road speed should be between 25/30mph.






   The tractor split at the bellhousing and the areas were the international pressure plate were rubbing the gearbox casting  ( clutch cross shaft bushes )  were ground smooth with an air file.


   With the gear box fitted , a linkage had to be made to shift this box in and out of overdive ,

  the steering drop arm covers a condierable area from lock to lock so thid wasnt  just that simple and it took a lot of trial and error to get the required clearance .

 A dexta starting lever was reversed and a bush made and welded to a bracket on top of the normail gearbox.

 This was then linked to the shift rod that was fitted through the hole i drilled in the gearbox .







My long awaited wheelbarrow conversion kit has arrived along with my  30cwt trailer body this week  , i dont know when i will get time to assemble it all but its here now and thats the main thing.


 I also ordered a new drawbar show and a handbeke lever  for the trailer.





The body itself it in bare steel and will need to be sandblasted to revove and oil in the steel plus and welding resedue and the few speckles of rust .

The tub needs a few things tided up but im pleased enough with it.





Te50 test time .. 

with the tractor not having done any real work i purchsed a Mf three furrow L base plough, this plough is quite a bit heavier than the ferguson version and without the extra weight of the engine i would say the tractor would have struggled to keep the front end down.

The ploughing pictures are from listooders annual ploughing match near crossgar , this field aparently not having seen a tractor in 30 plus years.



 After a few runs to make adjustments to the tractor and plough it started to turn tidy furrows.



The tractor coped with the big plough with complete ease which is great news.

Just as a trial i tried the tractor in third gear which was no problem for the tractor but it was a bit too fast to adjust the plough.

Im hopefully going to mullahead as i try to do every year and i will hopefully have a bit of fun with the tractor and plough there .





Fitting my ferguson rear wheel weights to enhance traction with the large  plough.


 I also filled tyres with water and of course plenty of antifreeze as we had such a harsh winter this year.

This will hopefully give me all the grip i need for the jobs im going to use the tractor with.






TE 50 Completion. (for now anyway)

On the xmas holidays i removed the engine to replace the gearbox input seal and also replaced two core plugs that had fallen from the ends of the selector rails.

This gave me the chance to repaint the engine and also the new air filter and battery box and a few smaller items which were every colour under the sun lol .



This is the present conditon of the tractor and now everthing is grey i will now leave the rest of the machine.

Cant wait to get it out in the fields and get her a bit of proper work.





 Just before xmas i attended to the sloppy draught control spring and rotten triangle seat plate behind it.

 Once the toplink yoke was warm enough i put a watering can of cold water over it and it screwed off fairly easy.

The rotten seat plate was removed and replaced with new parts



 The rocker tube was also replaced and a new felt seal fitted to prevent water entering the differential housing.



 Once fitted the spring was tensioned up so that it could just be turned by hand when an implement was lifted.

A new bush was then pressed through the rocker assembly and rear casing to complete the job.




 This is the only spot on the conversion were i could fit my new voltage regulator.



 I made my own wiring loom as i wanted make a few changes from the norm such as isolating the regulator and dynamo  when the ignition key was off , and i needed to fit an ammeter rather than the previous ignition light.

The key also needs to be on for the saftey starter switch to work.



 This is how tight it was to fit the rev counter (tractometer) so that the cable drive would clear the battery and regulator whilst still having enough room for the ammeter which i wanted to cover the ignition light hole.





 The dashboard under runnning conditions , a temperture gauge has still to be fitted , some of the gauges are not original but at least they are all the same (black backround)


 This is me on the tef making a frame to support the roof of my son Callums  snow house  over the xmas period.



TE 50 engine completion.

Sunday eve and monday night i was able to finish to engine off ...


  I had the new liners in the deep freeze for two days to shrink them slightly to ease  fitting them..



The bores were lightly honed to remove any dirt particles and help the liners slide in


 New small end bushes , pistons and rings and crankshaft bearings were fitted




With the bottom end complete the engine is ready to recieve the cylinder head.




   The head is fitted just to fit the nuts , torque down , fit rocker gear and set the valve clearances ...



  The newly welded fuel tank is popped on so i can now do away with the 7up bottle on the foot rest



Late on monday nite shes up and running and thankfully has not a drop of back pressure in the sump.

OIl pressure is very good and shes running clean as a whistle.

Job done.






TE 50 engine strip down ,

On saturday i decided to pull down the engine on the te50 , the engine breathes very heavily frrom cold which i was hopeing would be down to the rings and no other nastys would be uncovered.



First piston to come out has some very nasty broken rings and broken piston ring glands.


With pistons like this theres no wonder the engine was blowing out through the dipstick..


Although the liners were salvageable i decided to renew them just to be on the safeside and they didnt cost that much extra.



All was good with the cylinder head , i reground the valves in , the seats were very good and theres plenty of life in the valves.





 Sun 7/11/10  a few pics, one of  the footplates i bought in england a few weeks ago now fitted to the tracor.

I had to cut off the original riveted upstands and bolt on a replacement plate , the foot throttle casting has to be drilled and tapped to attach this to.



Next is the dynamo bracket i had to make to fit the timing case ..



Position control test time...   Sun 7/11/10

 I had a few jobs on today but i had to make time to properly test my position control device.

 I moved a few light loads on the pallet forks firstly then moved on to the linkbox which is nearly a load for the fergies on its own. 




 The linbox has some heavy ish scrap engine parts and the positioner worked a treat with me being able to maintain the box at any desired height..






TE50 position control.

To maximise the use of this tractor , ive often thought of fitting a position control kit.

Ive looked at a few options such as the Zane Thang , which i think looks cumbersome and awkward.

Other options were to build it myself , or hope to find the ultra rare position control kit for the ferguson earthmover , or to modify the clever ford 8n lift to fit this tractor.

In the end i decide to buy the kit offered by Stephen Gaunt from austrailia called the Fergie positioner.

Ive looked at this many times before and thought it was neat and tidy and also hardly visable when Close to  the tractor.



 The above pic shows the cam which is part of a neat fitting cup that fits over the upper lift arm.

This pushes the quadrant forward slightly and the spring in front of it keeps constant pressure to return it.





The four bolts have a small neat fitting spacer inside the slotted holes to allow the quadrant to slide to and fro slightly.


As can be seen in the pics the kit is very neatly made and after about ten mins to fit and about another five to set it up correctly i can definatly say it works a treat and would recomend it to anyone. It arrived from australia in less than one week.

Stephens e mail address is  fergy@netlink.com.au





TE50  latest


 When ive had time this week ive been busy on the conversion of my 51 ted20.  

The perkins ad3-152 conversion has not all been plain sailing and many fiddily things need sorted and a few snags have been encountered along the way. 


The new  radiator i had previously purchased had to be modified at the top hose to line up with the thermosat housing.

The thermostat housing itself has to be changed from the industrial type to an agricultural one to give maximum clearance for the fuel tank.

New thermostat , water hoses and clips were fitted.

The original water pump had to go because the bottom hose connection was straight down instead of at a right angle.

The second hand pump has since developed a leak and is now going to have to be replaced also.

(with a new one this time)

A fan cowl of a 35x was bought and had about   1 3/4 " removed from the edge nearest the water pump and now fits well.

The original dynamo had to have the pulley replaced from the wide belt type to the narrow belt to suit the other pulleys.

A dynamo bracket had to be made to keep the dynamo as close as possible to the engine and not to high to prevent the bonnet closing.

The original battery box was removed and a tray from a 203 digger fitted.

This was then lowered about  1 1/2" to give enough clearance for a large 663 battery , it also helped lower the all important fuel tank mounts.

A new fuel filter and housing was fitted along with the primary filter of a 3cyl35 (cleaned and new element fitted)

The original boat manifold had water piped through it and was going to a heat exchanger so it had to be replaced with a tractor one and a lot of heat to get the studs out so i could put an elbow on it to make the exhaust upright.

Later on when i get up and running properly i will have a banana loader on this tractor so i will have to go with a down n out exhaust.

All fuel pipes were then fitted , some new of the shelf , some of a donor 135 in a breakers yard and some home made.

Throttle linkage consists of a homemade link from the lever to a swivel device previously sourced from a perkins p3 conversion.

A rod from this link then connects to the rod which runs through the original 203 battery box and then to a shortened rod of a 135 to the fuel injection pump. (simple eh?) Provision has been left to fit a foot throttle .

The stop control rod of a 35 was bent the correct shape fitted through the new hole in the dash , cut to length , threaded and pull to stop knob re attached , the retaining clip of a 135 was fitted at the fuel pump end.

The air filter from a 3 cyl 35 will now be used as it has a flat on one side and with a little tweaking will allow the bonnet to close neatly.

The broken inlet manifold was replaced with this agricultual version of a 135 below...






Nothings ever easy ....  the industrial  timing case has no mounts for a dynamo bracket up at the top so had to be drilled carefully and threaded with a 3/8 unc tap.


 With the bonnet position finalised and the battery box mounted as low as possible the clearance is just enough to allow a large 663 battery to be fitted.


 Having tweaked the bonnet height by 3/4 " the new radaitor fitts snugly inside.


 One snag i knew i would always have with this conversion was the fuel tank.  

Ive built this tractor in my head for about 5/6 years now and never decided on how i was going to sort the fuel tank problem. 

I have no intentions of raising the bonnet profile like a p3 conversion so the tank problem has to be addressed.

My final decision was to ues a 135 tank as it fits the tank mounts perfectly and fits snugly around the engine.

The 135 tank was far to high to allow the bonnet to close so i cut it in half just below the seam.

With around a further 1/2" removed all the way around i halfed a 4cyl 35 tank (kindly sourced by Sam neil portadown) and used this shallow flat top half and mated it to my modified 135 base.


 The 135 base is having a 1/2" of material removed and then a large profile had to be removed from the  baffle on the inside to allow the shallow 4cyl top to fit over.


The bottom half of the tank (135) fits very well around the engine and thermostat housing  , the picture shows the clearly the centre of the tank which is pressed upwards to accomodate the rocker cover and how much fuel can be stored around the outside of it , it was purpose built for this type of engine and will hopfully have a good capacity when the two halves are mated together.




This last picture shows the clearance between the filler cap and bonnet,  just nice .


Having tack welded the two halves together i have left the tank to a radiator specialist to do the final welding and sealing as i am only a self taught d.i.y welder.





 TEA 20 head gasket

This fergie tea20 was pressurizing the radiator badly when running so the head was removed and a new head gasket fitted.

The head was siezed onto the head studs and took a lot of work to free off .

I actually had the engine hoist attached to the head lifting the tractor of the ground whilst applying heat and penetrating fluid,

it was a 3 hour nightmare!!  Fergies eh.....


The block all cleaned up ready to go.  Note the early 80mm liners.









This perkins p3 belongs to my friend Charlie ,  it required the clutch replaced and crank and gearbox seals fitted.  see below..


With the tractor split in two i can now replace the clutch, the flywheel is hurrendously heavy and will need to be removed to replace the crank rope seals.



Nice oily mess as usual


Half hour later after a lot of scrubbing...


The rope type seals have been steeping in clean oil for a couple of days to stop them getting burned up on intital start up..




Charlies tractor is a 1947 version which is just over the first 1000 built.

It would originally have been a continental engined tractor. 

As can be seen below it has studs instead of bolts holding the steering box to the gearbox.

The gearbox also has the bulge behind the clutch pedal , both of these are features of  very ealy production tractors.












This is a picture of my 30cwt trailer before i started any work , note the stainless bodywork!



Today i made a start at the engine conversion of my 1951 ted.

Im trying to fit a 47.5hp perkins 3 cylinder 3-152 engine from a boat into this tractor.

If successful i'm going to call it the TE50 !    

T=tractor   E=england  50= approx horsepower.


Out with the old petrol / tvo engine was the first job.

The gearbox bellhousing was oily so a new input shaft seal had to be fitted. The adapter plate is cleaned and re tapped and fitted.


Proplems ley ahead in getting a suitable starter motor to fit this bellhousing, i wanted an electricly engaged one rather that a manual.

The starter also had to have its nose trimmed a little to avoid the fergie bellhousing.


Again new rope type seals were fitted to the crankshaft.



The original sump would not marry up with the fergie front axle carrier so i had to find a suitable sump of a p3-144 , (easier said than done).

More snags ley ahead with the clutch. I wanted to fit a stronger one of a 35 so after a lot of measuring and fiddiling i drilled and tapped the flywheel of a p3 to take the larger clutch , fingers crossed the tvo bellhousing is big enough to accept it.

The flywheel was then fitted to the new engine in place of the original boat one.



 The bigger clutch was then given a real good clean .

 Using an input shaft of a ford ferguson to line up the clutch assembly .




 Much later that day the engine is in and running .

I have no radiator fitted yet so only a short burst for 30 seconds.

I am having a radiator made up to suit the hoses and will hopefully be in shortly.  Thats all for this weekend!

A few more pics of the hammer mill , its hooked up to the tek vineyard.


 Both the ferguson serial number and instruction plates are in great condition and clearly visible.

 The grain hopper still bears some of its original fergie grey paint.


 This little Grey fergie was bought with the intensions of fitting a boat engine into which i purchased a while ago. I have made a few measurments and will hopefully make a start in the next week or so.

There is a lot going on at the minute with this project , the 30cwt trailer restoration and the tef thats getting a full restoration.

(its definatly going to be a busy winter)



 Ferguson tools ...



  Above is my ferguson box spanner used for removal of the spark plugs , this can be used when using the ferguson tyre inflation kit as in the second picture .

  The above pic is the tyre inflation kit , box spanner , ferguson grease gun , tyre pressure gauge , ferguson  ignition key with key/screwdriver for setting points and last but not least the ferguson spanner .   

       New arrival

  my 19" ferguson front wheel weights have arrived home , trust me you will not run to far with these in your hands .

 Complete with the bolts and tapered washers im pleased with them ..


30 cwt trailer update .. 

Time has come to remove the very bent drawbar of the trailer , there is a lot of weld securing  it to the centre spine of the trailer so as it is no use i decided just to burn it off and see what condition the inner chassis is in .

 The rust inside the drawbar and chassis is unbelivable

Again inside the chassis spine it is absolutly clogged solid with muck and dirt , i decided at this point that there was no point trying to rescue the centre spine and cut all the rusty metal off


 All this lot is good for now is the scrapman , this is turning into a major project now ....

  All thats left of my 30 cwt trailer chassis now .

There still is more to be cut off before the new chassis spine can be attached .....



Alternative axle position  (3 ton trailer )                                               

This weekend i decided for a few reasons to move the axle from the front setting to the rearmost position on my trailer as per ferguson instruction book.

I popped it up on the ramp , undid the four axle bolts and slid the axle back , i also had to lengthen the brakerod.


  After i finished moving the axle i then set the wheels to the widest setting mainly because i think it looks better , i also am surrounded by speed humps in the village so the wider track will miss them and it will also be more stable. (see pic in homepage)




 This is the current state of my 30cwt trailer . 

(Callum giving it an inspection)

My new body from fergie trailer shop is due in september so i will have to crack on and get the chassis finished. 

The very bent drawbar and holes is the chassis top will need a fair bit of work to repair and i still will need to sort the bearings/brakes and tipping gear. (wish me luck)




In this pic im loading my newly aquired ferguson tandem semi mounted disc harrow onto the lorry so i can use it at the county down traction engine clubs annual rally in greyabbey. 


I also took my buckrake to the rally as i dont get much of a chance to use it anywere else.



Here i have the buckrake fully loaded with straw out of the combine on the tef diesel.






This weekend i spread fertilizer for a neighbour with my vineyard and fergie spreader.  It was only a few acres so it didnt take that long.