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New website born 26 February 2009






Three Generations: Me, my son Callum and father Sam
Some pics of the ford-fergie ,it took almost 2 years to restore , a lot of the parts were shipped from usa but the tractor still retains all of its original tinwork and wheels although it took many many hours to repair the rims and bonnet. I rebuilt the engine from valves through to pistons ,liners and crank etc, i fitted the american sherman transmission , which gives it an overdrive in every gear and makes it easily do 20mph . Other items like the original lights, rad cap ,battery cover panel and many other bits were sourced through ebay usa.  I was lucky after a lot of searching to find a company called miller tyre co usa that could source me the original firestone tyres which cost a few bob by the time i got them flew over. (hide the reciepts from mum) The paint was another labourious task, taking the original paint found on the brake back plates and inside the air cleaner to be analised 7 times before we were happy, but it was worth it in the end.

This is the ford-fergie after all the internal restoration work done including the overdrive transmission and engine rebuild, its always worth it to reassemble the tractor before paintwork to test it and sort any leaks.

 The bonnet has been in primer for some years and was re sandblasted after this picture was taken, the starter and dynamo have been rebuilt and the hydraulics have been sorted so it was time to try everything out .



 The engine rebuild consisted of a replacement crankshaft that was  reground and new main and big end bearings fitted, the oil pump had a rebuild kit fitted but needed to be skimmed in a lathe to remove any scores beforehand, new pistons and cast liners were fitted and replaced the two chrome and two cast liners that were in the engine.



 The replacement crank with new bearings.



 The valves were all in excellent condition and had the ford logo clearly visable on the face so they are likely to be considerably older than me....  some of the two piece valve guides were replaced with ones from a donor engine as were some of the springs and retaining clips.

I fitted modern adjustable valve lifters from a ford v8 race engine that made the  valve clearance adjustments so much easier .




  The steering box was stripped and new bronze bearings were made up to make it nice and snug again the the  rope type oil seals were replaced to prevent any leaks.



 The sherman overdrive (step up) gearbox  had arrived from a breaker in the usa and was fitted into the bare transmission case with new oil seals and clutch release bearing .

 Complications arose when the helical gear on this box would not mate with the straight cut gears of the original transmission.

The bare transmission case is on the bench to have the bearings replaced , at this stage the clutch fork shaft was milled down on each side and two new bushes were made up and fitted.